On December 2 members from Post 85 participated as Honor Guards during the Mount St. Charles hockey game. The game was in honor of Major Thomas Kennedy who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

On January 22 John Kennedy graciously presented Post 85 with a donation of $400.

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Rich Allain showing American Legion National Commander Vincent J. Troiola the new Post 85 Courtesy Car 4/2/23

William "Grizz" Griswold receiving the Woonsocket Veteran of the Year Award 3/26/2023

Dept Vice Commander and Post 85 Adjutant at the Department of RI April Showers fundraiser 4/2/23

Rich Allain presenting the Post 85 donation for RI Boys State at April Showers

Department Law and Order Chairman Dave Malone presenting awards to the 2022 co-Law Enforcement Officers of the Year. 7/21/23. Congratulations K9 Officers Aaron Steere and K9 Garry and Timothy Lipka and K9 Haki.

Post 85 Open House

August 19, 2023.

First Official Presentation of Colors by the American Legion Post 85 Color Guard

August 19, 2023, 12:00PM. Outstanding job!

Joseph Dufresne, Richard Allain, Edward Strickod, Joseph Henault

Dedication of Member Hall in memory of William "Wild Bill" Reynolds 9/10/23

Installation of Fairmount Post 85 Officers, 9/17/23

Sons Commander Joe Dufresne and members of Post 85 Sons Squadron presenting Boy Scout Troop 2 with a donation of $1800 at the meeting on January 2, 2024

United Veterans Council of Woonsocket Veteran and Patriot of the Year 2024

March 24, 2024 at St Joseph's Hall

Congratulations Joseph Janeiro of Post 85

Congratulations Nicole Lefort of Post 85 Auxiliary

WOON Radio Broadcast from Post 85 Honoring Vietnam Veterans. 3/29/24

Hosted by Dave Richards, WOON and Richard Allain, Post 85