Post 85 Commander Robert Lefort:

Post 85 Bar Manager Jill Marsh 401-766-7585

Post 85 Adjutant Dave Malone:

Post 85 Hall and Pavilion Rentals: 401-766-7585

Auxiliary President Nicole Lefort

Friends of Fairmount President Al Jenks

SAL Commander Joe Dufresne

Post 85 Service Officer Mike Hennessy:

Fairmount Post 85: 401-766-7585

Bar Liaison- Joe Dufresne

Veteran Courtesy Vehicle- Rich Allain

Entertainment/Events- Dave Malone

Dept of Rhode Island:

2023 Department Vice Commander Dave Malone

Past Department Commander Dave Malone 2018/19

Children & Youth Committee Member Joseph Henault

  Department Website: